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I had a 1999 FLHP (Police Road King) that did the same thing. It ran alright most of the time, but would cut out intermittently at steady speed or rpm. The only other description I could give was the noise. It sounded like something in the primary case loose, getting caught up and swung around once in a while.

The noise I would heard went along with the intermittent loss of power. I had it towed in, and it was the early cam bearing. Even better was the fact that Harley hadn't recalled the bearing at that time, and replaced it with the original bearing. The new owner went through the same thing around a year and a half later. He was able to ride his home.

When I looked at the bearing after it was replaced, the "cage" that separates the balls had completely disintegrated, allowing the individual balls in the bearing to move to one side, seizing and screaming (the noise I was hearing). Had I ran the bike further, it may have come completely apart, and caused further problems. The original problem described sounds like what I had.
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