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Help Please - Wierd Noise From Left Side

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I've got a '02 fatboy EFI, 1 week old, put about 250 miles on so far. I've noticed this sound this am that I'm not sure what it is. The only way I can describe it - it sounds like my jiffy is scraping on the ground, but real slightly. The noise isn't that loud, I was riding 2 up today and she couldn't hear what I was talking about, but it is definately there. I fear it may be the trans box as I only hear it in gears 1,2, and 3, with 2 being the loudest. Aside from that noise, bike is running perfect, jiffy is fully retracted, and I can't find anything loose. This is my first bike, so am lost. Any ideas? 500 mile service will be here before I know it, but I just wonder if this is something I should bring the bike in right away for...

Thanks in advance (really!),

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Eliminate the sound that the front brake disk makes by slightly touching the front brake. Maybe that is what you are hearing...
OK I'll give that a try. Does this sound like something with the tranny at all? I'm just worried I screwed something up in the break in period. First day on it took me a bit to get my shifting right - I wound the gears out too much I'm afraid - am used to shifting on the "0" not the "5"...
I would be very surprised if the tranny were bad...
The transmissions are pretty bulletproof and it would take more than 200 miles to trash it.
Now if those first 200 miles are at the drag strip and you're dumping the clutch at 5000, ...well....
I have a 02 FI also and the front disc does scrape a little like the other poster stated
Well I'm relieved to hear that - I'll give it a try this weekend. It sounds like that may be the case - at least I'm hopeful! Is there any way to get rid of that noise?


Yes, Yes there is.
Apply V-H, Samsons, or any aftermarket pipe with open baffles.
That should take care of it...
Kidding of course, I was out on Sunday and my front disc does the little scrape-scrape noise at low speed, doesn't annoy me but it should go away after a couple thousand miles after break in of the brake pads.
I'll be applying those remedies soon enough, but glad to know I don't need to sweat this in the meantime - Thanks! :)
I don't think it's the front brake. Noise was still there after applying the front brake in gear. It sounds like something is loose, but i can't find it!! I'm going insane!!! :)
I was at the shop yesterday. mech thinks it 's the chain - stretched out during break in and is rubbing against the casing. Said they can adjust it for the 500 mile service (which is in about 100 miles). Does this sound kosher to you all?


Yes! The noise could very well be from the primary chain. If your mechanic thinks it may be rubbing against the casing why didn't he check it right then. If it were mine I would have it checked and adjusted now. Don't wait for the 500 mile check up. Big Dog
Thanks Bigdog,

I'll give them a yell and see when I can bring her in.
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