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Help needed RE: Differences between softail / touring wheels

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I bought a Rear Thunderstar for my 05 Softail Night train from St. Paul HD on ebay. Turns out that the rim in the box is a touring rim, not a softail rim - even though the box says it is supposed to be a softail rim. (the first noticeable difference is that the bearing opening and spacer that goes between the bearings is bigger on the touring rim, 2nd was that the instructions in the box are for a touring rim). I called St. Paul HD back and they said that they can send me a new inner spacer and bearings and that it should work just fine - that the pulley and rotor offsets are the same. My questions are:

1) Does HD make a spacer that has the touring axle shafter outer diameter with the smaller diameter in the middle?
2) Are there any other differences between a touring rim and a softail rim besides the axle size i.e. offset of pulley and rotor, width, etc.

Softail Rim: 43795-03A
Touring Rim: either 43847-02A or 43780-00A
The easy solution would be to just get the right rim, only problem is that the rim has already been powdercoated, and Daytona is a little over a month away. I'm just trying to determine if St. Paul is blowing smoke up my a$$.
Thanks, Brian
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