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Help: Can brake caliper be altered

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This has to go along with my other post about adding a 150 tire to my 2000 fatboy with stock swingarm and everthing else.

The question I have is , on the brake caliper there is that hole that the axle slides through, that part of the caliper is a certain width, can I have that width machined down without hurting the caliper or its functionality? I only need to have it machined down apporx. 1/4".

I heard that sometimes those calipers have some hollow spots in them. Is that true?
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Are you trying to fit the 150 in there without going to a narrow belt?
The 2000 Fatboy comes standard with the narrow belt. The tire fits in fine and the top clearance is fine. It is the clearance on the drive pulley side that is too narrow.
Thats weird. Have you asked your sevice center? It sounds like it might be a spacer problem...
Yes you can, but you have to be very careful. It has to be machined on the swingarm side so as not to alter the spacial relationship between the caliper proper and the brake rotor. There is a limit as to how much it can be machined before the caliper body interferes with the swingarm, but 1/4" is doable.

Then you have to compensate by shimming the drive pulley an equal amount, as well as spacing the other side.
If you decide to do this find a good custom indy shop. It is not hard, but it is easy to make an expensive mistake. One of those "if you have to ask don't try this at home" things. It is also a good idea to recheck all the alignment parameters on the bike after you are done.
Does anyone know why the tire is not centered in the first place? If the wide one I put on isn't centered, doesn't that mean the original that came from the factory wasn't centered either. Any clues?
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