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Help before it strips

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Just attempted to change the oil on my 00 softail the only problem being the dealership put the plug in so tight it won't come out, I can feel the "allen" beginning to strip the plug any ideas how to get this thing out before it strips? Thanks for the help.
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Are you using an allen wrench? I had the same problem and went out and bought a socket wrench set that fit the allen style plug - it came right out.
Broke the "Craftsman" allen socket, twisted and split in half. Have used 2' breaker bar with no luck.
I know it sounds like a crappy suggestion, but can you take it to them and tell them to break it loose?
Spoke with the dealer yesterday on this. They offered to change the oil any time I needed.;)
At this point I'd probably take it back to them too and tell them NOT to use the air-wrench next time. I hate that! You probably have but have you tried it with the engine hot?
Yep! Run the engine some. Also break the vacume. ( Make sure the oil cap is not sealed. )

Shoot the sucker with some liquid wrench, heat the motor up, break the filler seal, and pray. :D
Thanks, I'll stop by on the ride home for the liquid wrench. If that fails it will be off to the dealer, "Please loosen my oil plug.":rolleyes:
And while you are back at the dealers, remind them what the "recommended torque" setting is on oil plugs!....
Are you sure it's an 'allen'? My 01 softail is a 'torx' I believe plus it wil also take a 5/8 in. socket. If they are different, maybe it would be a good idea to upgrade if they will interchange
The Socket...

On my 2000 softail I have always used the 5/8 or is it 9/16? socket and never had a problem. My dealer only changed my oil once, the free 1000 mile service and he didn't overtighten...but the socket will give you a much better mechanical advantage than the allen wrench.

if none of these other suggestions work, try holding a torch to it just long enough to heat it up...that may burn any **** that may be on the threads .
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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