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Rocko said:
OK you guys started it. I live in MA and I wear a cap, I ride in NH, RI and CT so I can pull it off, am I an idiot, maybe. My CHOICE!!! Thealian is pissed there is a helmet law in MA, question: do you belong to ABATE or MMA? If your answer is no, quit *****'n, if yes I can't hear you. Fact: 250,000 registered motorcycles in MA and ABATE and MMA combined have a little over 1,000 members.
Politicians react to votes only, period. And it's not about the pay scale it's about power, half the assholes on the hill were punching bags when they were kids and this is their revenge.
The major argument is "uninsured motorcyclist cost the taxpayers money". The last time I looked at my paycheck I was a taxpayer and let's have a show of hands on who among us is uninsured.
People get your sh1t together and learn to play the game or next you'll be crying about how the goverment say's motorcycles are dangerous and "costing the taxpayers millons".
OK I'm almost done, took a Toprol and I'm calming down. Next time I meet you in a bar I'll buy you a beer, hell come on up to the clubhouse and I buy all night but, if you whine about how bikers are always getting screwed and I don't see an ABATE or MMA pin/patch, invite me to bury a foot up your ass because your screwing all of us who believe in personal freedoms.
If I offended anyone I appologize, if I pissed anyone off, GOOD.
I am affraid to ask but why not... What is ABATE and MMA, I am new so take it easy...
1 - 1 of 64 Posts
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