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Unfortunately I live in a state where you are required to wear a helmet.
I am having a hard time finding one that doesn't make me look like a total dork. I currently use a skid lid, but I figure it I have to wear one, I should have some protection. Any thoughts?
Maybe you can steer me in the right direction.
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First of all, this is my opinion on helmet use:
FXRS said:
What is most important to you? 1) Not looking like a "dork" or 2) protecting the most important part of your body? If the answer is 2, then the only real option is a full-face high quality helmet. Personally I prefer flip-up convertibles such as the Nolan N-100 for instance. If that makes me look like a "dork" then so be it, it makes no difference to me what other people think.
Secondly, I believe you should have the right to exercise your opinion as stated here:
Fugly said:
The important thing to remember bugeater, is that you PERSONALLY CHOOSE to wear a helmet.
I never ride without a full-face, but I would argue, vote, whatever to allow you to do whatever suits you--after all, it's your head. :D
1 - 1 of 64 Posts
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