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Unfortunately I live in a state where you are required to wear a helmet.
I am having a hard time finding one that doesn't make me look like a total dork. I currently use a skid lid, but I figure it I have to wear one, I should have some protection. Any thoughts?
Maybe you can steer me in the right direction.
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Lot's of things to consider....full face, 3/4, half with detachable part that goes around ears(i.e. h-d Americana style), going to wear face shield, etc.?

What kind of bike do you ride? If Ultra Classic with intercom/CB, are you going to be using it to talk to passenger?

I use the h-d Americana half helmet with detachable part and have a face shield on it. It was only one that fit in shop when I bought bike and other places were about to close. I plan on going to full face for winter riding and may stay with that or add 3/4 helmet. Thing with mine is that when I take off the detachable part, I can slide helmet off without undoing the strap. :eek: Makes me kind of wonder what would happen if I went down on road. :(
Are some websites you can check for helmets. You're going to pay $80 - $100 more for an official h-d helmet just because if has h-d(huge demonination) on it. Oh, yeah, mine's an official h-d helmet and it's made overseas.
1 - 2 of 64 Posts
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