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In a nearby town Wednesday night is "cruiser night". On any given wednesday there are anywhere from 200 to 500 Harley-Davidsons alone as well as other bikes. I'm the only guy I've seen wearing a full-face helmet. It's interesting to me that there's all this legend, lore, and Harley culture about the so called "rugged individual" at the same time that strict conformity to the dress code is like unwritten law. I'm surprised and disappointed at how little true individuality there really is among the crowd. It's sad that one would even consider compromising one's personal safety for the approval of a bunch of "tough guy" wannabees. (You know the type, 1000 miles a year riding to the bar and back home.) Mind you, it's not that I completely don't care what other people think, it's just that I don't organize my life (nor my personal safety) around some one else's idea of style-correctness. We ought to be smarter and more courageous than that. I've got some tan gloves, too
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