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Helmet use

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Some guys are trying to tell me that the risk of injury wearing a helmet is greater than no helmet.
I think this is BS. Anyone ever hear this and what are your thoughts on it?
Do you always wear a helmet or not?
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Helmet usage

ALWAYS use a helmet. Work at a Level I Trauma Center and would not think of riding without a helmet....EVER!

Everybody be safe out there...
defibvt said:
I happen to be a nurse. I have seen too much carnage from what not wearing a helmet can lead too. So, with that in mind I make the CHOICE to wear one. I don't preach nor do berrate those that don't. I wear a full face on the highway/interstate and a half helmet in town. This is my choice.

Ok then you deserve an answer. I cannot say about punchin a mime in the gut, however, if ya slap hip it is pretty quiet.

Hey Yall,

Haven't been here in a while.. been busy with life I guess..

Anyway the helmet crap always pops up... I guess it boils down to open or closed casket if you hit hard. I don't wear a helmet and get sick of people telling me I should. I've buried a lot of people who were much more cautious and intelligent than me.

When God calls my number.. I'm gone.. and thats OK, cause I'm prepared.

Ape Hanger said:

When God calls my number.. I'm gone.. and thats OK, cause I'm prepared.

What ta hell does god have to do with any of this helmet stuff:rolleyes:
You could also say ("I don't wear a helmet,god will protect me"):confused:
Not from me it ain't:rolleyes:
I am new to this board and am glad to see so many people are wearing helmets. I live in California. When I started riding, helmets were not mandatory. I started wearing a full face helmet, however, after repeatedly getting hit in the face by: bees, bugs, road grit, etc. I figure that if I loose an eye to something stupid then I won't be able to ride anymore anyway.

Oh, and the Simpson helmets are good looking but the Arai's are much more comfortable. :cool:
I have riden without one back when MD did not have their requirement! Also am able to ride around our neighborhood without one. Feels great with the wind and hearing the pipes. Otherwise, 3/4 on the FL and 1/2 on the FX, always have eye protection on.
In response to "what does God have to do wih it", when the responses seem to constantly revolve around head injury and death, than it seems to me eternity is relevant. TO ME God has something to do with that. If you don't think so, tell Him when you see Him. I should've known someone would be offended when God was mentioned, but thats another debate.

Here is my PC answer for the post, I do not wear a helmet and feel that all people regardless of sex, race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, should if they would like to, have the right to choose if they wear one ot not.

No worries,
I learned to ride in a mandatory helmet state, now that I'm in a no-helmet state I still wear a full-face. Just used to it I guess... plus I'm ugly enough without tearing my face up any more ... ;) God helps those who help themselves ... pass the potatoes.
I you bash in your head, you'll probably be dead!
I you bash in your head, you'll probably be dead!
So do you wear a helmet in your choice state ???:eek:
I have 3 helmets. Only put 1 on if I'm going out of state or it's below 40. God was my co-pilot but he wouldn't chip in fer gas. :D Crash and slide=helmet a bad thing. You bounce and break yer neck. Crash into something, impact, 1 time hit=helmet good thang. I had 1 of my buds who was sitting on his ride get bumped by a cage, he fell over and hit his head on the curb. Brain damage cost him his life. Standing fuken still. I have gone down on the track at over a buck (with helmet). Not a scratch, walked away and had a beer (squeezing out to many runs on 1 tire). When I ride in the dirt I always use a brain bucket. Tree's don't move to quick, but I do. Whenever I'm ask, I tell people they should wear a helmet, but rarley take my own advise. Fuk it, live for today for tomorrow it might snow. :cool:
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Massachusetts (mandatory) is surrounded by no helmet states. That's where you will find many Mass registered bikes on the very nice days. I'm 20 minutes from Conn and RI and about 40 minutes from NH. There is alot of good riding around here, many choose these states so we can ride bare-headed!:D
Jeez. How many times have we seen this debate on here.

The funny thing is, as far as I'm concerned, it is pointless to argue about it or express your opinion if you live in a State that requires everyone to wear a Helmet.

Cause even if you dont wanna wear it, you're still gonna strap the f*cking thing on your head. So naturally, since you dont have Freedom of Choice, all of your arguments are gonna be slanted towards wearing one.

The true test of a Pro-helmet person, is when they move to a Freedom of Choice State and still wear their Helmet all the time. Like Boismier for instance. He has the Freedom to choose to wear a Helmet.

If you live in a State that has no Freedom of Choice, then why even bother posting a Reply to this Thread ?
Because I ride 1/2 of my riding in no helmet states because I wish I had a choice. I am considering a move to a warmer "choice" state, I love the freedom, realize and understand the risks and ride aware and alert because of those risks. I prefer to not need safety equipment by avoiding accidents. ;)
I am also a Registered Nurse and swore I'd never do the bike thing after taking care of several paraplegics and quadraplegics who were young and in their current state due to a MC accident. Several years later I am on my second bike, even after swearing off them after a small spill. I live in Texas and have a legal helmet exemption, it's about 50/50 when I put the 1/2 helmet on. This debate is endless, helmet versus no helmet, 1/2 helmet versus full face or 3/4, cheap DOT helmet versus top of the line helmet, we all take great risk when we saddle up and ride off. I like to believe when it's your time it's your time, I second the comment about having seem many folks buried that were safer than me, smarter than me and healthjier than me, one of life's great mysteries.
Everybody ride safe.
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Fugly said:
If you live in a State that has no Freedom of Choice, then why even bother posting a Reply to this Thread ?
Because I can. I did not make the law here. I am fighting it through memberships in ABATE and MMA. And I, like TheAlien, ride helmetless in the surrounding states because there, I HAVE A CHOICE!:D

Another thing. There are new members joining this site everyday and they have questions. Would'nt it be terrible of us to ignore them with, "Here we go again, have'nt we beaten this one to death yet?" responses? Would be kind of boring around here if we did'nt discuss important issues within the memberships.
And what the hell, we like a good argument now and then !!!! Even if it's the same old argument. Hey you would eat a taco twice wouldn't you ???
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