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It's BS. While anyone can point to a rare statistic to "prove" a point, what's being proven is the exception rather than the rule. In my thirty years of law enforcement, the last twenty-six years with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, I have seen hundreds and hundreds of crashes and been to many training seminars re: advanced collision investigation.

The helmet controversy is similar to the seat belt controversy. I have seen one car collision in which wearing a seat belt would have made the injuries more serious or fatal. Though I'm sure it's happened somewhere, I have never seen a motorcycle crash in which a helmet made things worse, but I've sure seen a lot of really bad head injuries that could have been greatly minimized by helmet use. I've heard third, fourth and fifth hand rumors to the effect that helmets cause injuries, but none, to my knowledge, that could be documented.

I'm not even going to get into "it's my constitutional right not to wear a helmet." I've read the Constitution. It ain't there. I would agree that an adult with adequate insurance should be able to do as he/she pleases.

Have a goodun! :)
1 - 1 of 71 Posts
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