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Helmet use

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Some guys are trying to tell me that the risk of injury wearing a helmet is greater than no helmet.
I think this is BS. Anyone ever hear this and what are your thoughts on it?
Do you always wear a helmet or not?
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It's BS. While anyone can point to a rare statistic to "prove" a point, what's being proven is the exception rather than the rule. In my thirty years of law enforcement, the last twenty-six years with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, I have seen hundreds and hundreds of crashes and been to many training seminars re: advanced collision investigation.

The helmet controversy is similar to the seat belt controversy. I have seen one car collision in which wearing a seat belt would have made the injuries more serious or fatal. Though I'm sure it's happened somewhere, I have never seen a motorcycle crash in which a helmet made things worse, but I've sure seen a lot of really bad head injuries that could have been greatly minimized by helmet use. I've heard third, fourth and fifth hand rumors to the effect that helmets cause injuries, but none, to my knowledge, that could be documented.

I'm not even going to get into "it's my constitutional right not to wear a helmet." I've read the Constitution. It ain't there. I would agree that an adult with adequate insurance should be able to do as he/she pleases.

Have a goodun! :)
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Only one way to find out

1. Put on helmet
2. Put on running shoes
3. Lean forward at the waist
4. Sprint full speed head first into a brick wall.
5. Remove Helmet
6. Repeat steps 3 & 4
Sounds like someone was pullin your Leg Bro.
Adults should be able to make their own decisions. I also work in law enforcement - responded to enough motorcycyle accidents to see that helmets work. Never seen where it hindered.

Most accidents I've seen involved some sort of alcohol or drugs on the part of the MC rider, 2nd was riding beyond their abilities.

Not judging...just what I've noticed, and it helps with my decisions when I ride.
Utter nonsense - and a disservice to motorcyclists

I'm all for personal freedom, including the right not to wear a helmet if you choose not too. But telling somebody that wearing a helmet increases your chances of suffering a severe injury is worse than just plain lying.

Every - and I mean every - scientifically valid study ever performed shows that wearing a helmet greatly reduces your chances of suffering a severe head injury (skull fracture, concussion, etc.) should you be in an accident. There are certain instances where the added mass of a helmet could increase the severity of some type of injuries, but such instances are so rare as to be statistically insignificant. Check out the widely respected Harry Hurt (really his real name) study for more information.
Open face or full face?

One of my friends father had a terrible accident last summer. A truck drove out just in front of him and he smashed right in it. He was badly injuried but survived. His face was completely destroyed - jaws, cheek bones and forehead crushed, all teeth gone. Now they are trying to build a new face up with titanium to replace the damaged parts. Did he wear a helmet? Yes he did, and almost 100% do here. But his helmet was an open face one and he thinks that a full face helmet would have saved his face. I don't know but it makes sence to me. This story scared so I will get a full face helmet next spring. As a bonus you get rid of the wind noise.
Swodo, how long have you been riding, have you had any automobile accidents, Do you consider yourself a quick thinker, have you taken a motorcycle safety course ??? I think you should look at all the facts before you ride a motorcycle, with or without a helmet.

As I always say, the best safety equipment is your head.....AVOID the accident, choice should be yours though !!!!!!
This is due to the FACT that a helmet CAN lead to neck injuries. Does not mean it will, but it can.
I'd rather have a neck injury than be leaking cerebral fluid all over the pavement.
I am not taking a position one way or the other. I live in Texas, I have Insurance, I ride without one.
Helmets can cause injuries in an accident, just as seatbelts can. Of course, this only happens in a tiny, tiny percentage of the time (i'd guess less than 1%). People who throw out the fact that helmets can cause further problems never, ever back that up with the fact that helmets will do tons more good than harm just about everytime.

All you gotta do is ask yourself this.....your about to crash your bike while going down the highway, knowing this, do you want a helmet on or not? Damn straight I'll take a helmet. Of course, I don't wear one, but that's my choice, just like I don't always choose to wear my seatbelt. I think it's a stupid reckless choice on my part, but it's just what I prefer.
JimmyK said:
I am not taking a position one way or the other. I live in Texas, I have Insurance, I ride without one.
Thats not only taking a position but making a statement........!!!
I've worn nothing but a half helmet for the past few years. So has my Wife. I used to wear a Bell M-1 full face. Although I do enjoy the peripheral vision and unconfined feeling of the half helmet, my eyes do take a beating since I wear perscription glasses and have yet to find a pair that offer much wind protection. I'm seriously considering picking up his and hers Simpson Bandit full face buckets. Menacing look and ultimate protection. Price-wise... Ouch!
Let us know how you like the Simpsons. I've been looking at them, but the price is a little high, and I've only seen them for sale at Simpson shops, only 3 in the country.
any one that thinks not wearing a helmet is safer than wearing a helmet must have taken a hit on the head while not wearing a helmet at some point in time... ps. I sometimes ride with out my helemt, hope I am lucky...
It's like safe sex. Yea it might "protect" you some, but it sure FEELS better without a fuckin hat!

I ride for the FEEL of The Wind. A fuckin cage is "safer" but I ain't rideing in one unless I have to.

Anyone TELLING me I have to wear one can kiss my Viking Will Tear Yer Lungs Out Ass.

Time for Da Boys! http://www.rathergood.com/vikings/
I'll take my thousands of miles without the helmet, I agree it FEELS better.
Not riding a motorcycle is clearly safer than riding one. Prbably applies to other stuff as well (sex?). To me, thats not the issue. I live in California, helemts required. I use a half helmet because a full face restricts my periphial vision, and i just don't like 'em. If I lived in a state with no requirement, I'm not sure. I love the feel of wind in my face, its one of the reasons i ride. To each his own.

I also have plenty of medical insurance.
I happen to be a nurse. I have seen too much carnage from what not wearing a helmet can lead too. So, with that in mind I make the CHOICE to wear one. I don't preach nor do berrate those that don't. I wear a full face on the highway/interstate and a half helmet in town. This is my choice.
defibvt said:
....... So, with that in mind I make the CHOICE to wear one. I don't preach nor do berrate those that don't. .......... This is my choice.
...unless you're in a mandatory state, ain't that what it's about CHOICE
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