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Welcome Steve (LimeySoftail)!! Good to hear that you were able to put a deposit down on your softail standard. I think this is a great bike. I was real close to picking this one until I sat on the wide glide. Did they really say you'd have to wit 1 year? Wow! That's worse than what I was told. I ordered my bike on 3 June and the best guess I was told would be September or October, but still at this point I don't even know that for sure.
Looks like you're doing a good job on the website you listed. Look forward to reading your posts.
I'm guessing that there are many others in this forum that started out riding all sorts of different metric bikes (to include those you listed). I personally have ridden many different bikes also but none of them were ever new. The Harley I have on order will be my first "new" bike.
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