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Hello is this thing on

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Went to the stealer here in Tallahassee not long after I moved here and no-one even acknowledged me. :(

I was ofcourse deeply hurt... but figured I'd go back.. maybe my dashing dapper appearence intimidated them I thought.. but noooo...

I said to myself.. I think I can... after 30 minutes of standing in front of the counter an employee of this fine establishment asked, "Need sumpin'"

I asked, "Are you talking to me"
"Oh, I thought I was invisible you slow minded backwards a$$ hick."

Since that very day I have been treated good and given service with a smile. Love those guys now. I think dealers don't help ya til they know ya.

What do you think.

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Not sure about that, around here they seem to have far more employees then appear necessary and they seem to talk to people all the time, but it still might make a difference when they know who you are.

Had a conversation with one of the sales guys a few weeks ago, and he said something that struck me as interesting. He said they tend to get two kind of people, those that know exactly what they want, and those they could sell the Brooklyn Bridge to, with very few in between. This guy, who has been at it for a long time and knows his stuff, unlike many, said he much prefers dealing with the former. Not what you would expect from a salesman.
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