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Hello from Tallahassee!

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Just picked up my new 06 FLHT standard. Love it. Here is my story:
I was born and raised in Milwaukee. Did the "Harley" thing from grade school on. Even worked for the MoCo the summer of 76. By my mid 30s, I was "Harleyed" out. My last was a 79 Low Rider Shovel, I have been riding sport/ sport touring bikes for the last 15 years or so. Past bikes include, ZX11, ZX12R, FJR1300, and even a Yamaha Royal Star Venture.
Well Im getting a little older, time to go back to my roots. Im retired Air Force, living and working it Tallahassee. The Eglide is just the ticket. Feels great to be back on a HD again.

Ahhhhh, its good to be home.

Hope to see ya on the road,

Tallahassee Doug
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Thank you for serving this great nation.

:welcome: to the forums and welcome back to your roots. :p
:welcome: to the forum!! Thanks for your service! {salute( Post up often and enjoy.
In the summer of 76' I wasn't invented yet.:thumbsup:
I gess that it's like you present it, Once a harley, always harley.
Good to know.:thumbsup:
Some day I'll join with my own pice and than I'll know what your talking about.
Only ride it once, missing it for the rest of the time until I buy one.:bowdwn:
Welcome to the board and back to HD.
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