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Bienvenido al VTF!
(Welcome to the VTF)

Si tienes problems con una parta o descripcion, escrbelo in Espanol.
Hay mucho gente aqui que puede traduzcalo
(If your have problems with a part or descriptions, write it in Spanish. There's a lot of folks here that can translate)

Cual moto tienes? Cual modificaciones?
(What bike do you have? What mods?)

A mi me gusta mucho Espana. Fui en vacaciones alli in 1992. No pudiera encontrar ningun vendador de Harely para comprar una camisa. Pues, las vida es asi. (I really like Spain. I went there on vacation in 1992. I couldn't find a single Harley dealer to buy a t-shirt. Oh well, that's life.)

Nos vemos
(We'll be seeing you)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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