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Hello from Cleveland, OH

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I too have been "lurking" for a year or so and finally decided to sign up. I started riding in 1971 on a Triumph 650 and by 1972 had a '57 Panhead with a straight leg rigid frame and an 18" over springer. After being beat up for 6 years, I got a '63 Pan and some shocks but the damage was done. Later, I got a '76 Shovel until 1984 when I had a bad accident and didn't ride for 10 years. Last year, got divorced and bought an '04 Dyna Wide Glide. Just took it in Monday for the 95 kit and 203 cams with SE II pipes. Not the hottest setup but something I can afford now. I have 16,000 miles on it and don't ride in the snow!
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Welcome and enjoy. I can relate on not riding in the snow and salt. waiting anxiously for spring here also. well plenty of info here to read while waiting for warmer and dryer weather.

good luck and ride safe, when it thaws.
welcome aboard big dog.

Nice looking dog you got there. The bike is awesome too.

Post up and grab a few laughs along the way.
Welcome Dog! This place is great. Real people and real riders. I'll waive if I pass you on I 90 or I 480 coming from the west side of the river.

Welcome to the board. Thanks for joining. ?prty:
welcome dog!!! I have a friend in cleveland,name of MIKE he owns diamond welding.....you wouldn,t by chance know him would ya?
TheBigDog said:
I have 16,00 miles on it and don't ride in the snow!
16 miles!!!? You better stop putting so many miles on that thing.... hahaha

16000 is pretty good for a couple year old bike. You have been riding that scoot. I only have 16000 on my 03 model.

I noticed you stated you were putting some performance parts on your bike. I am also doing those kind of things to mine this winter. I am still waiting on my heads I sent off to be professionally worked to get back. Once those get in, I am tearing it down to send off some other parts for boring, coating, etc. It is alot of fun not only riding these bikes but working on them. After a stressful day at work I can still come home and tinker with my bike and it takes the stress away.
Welcome to the site! This Ohio winter is killing me ;) Spring needs to get here faster this year! Sounds like you've had some really cool bikes over the years!

:welcome: to the forum. Those goodies should wake up that 04 pretty well. Post up often and enjoy.
No, I don't but then I am actually way East, Mentor way.
I am from Ashtabula. I must assume you know where that is at. We are sure having some nice weather today.
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