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Hello from California

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Hi Everyone! New to the forum. My name is Greg and I ride a 2006
Street Glide, which I just got.
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Welcome to the forum..from california as well.
Welcome to the forum. Enjoy the new motor-sickle... Don't worry, the weather will clear up soon enough. :)
Welcome. Tell us about your bike? How do you like it, what color is it, what mods ya got planned?

I have an 05 Luxe EFI/BB/SE203/SEAC/V&H Longshots plus custom SERT Map, thanks to great people here.

I am in Tasmania Australia. Weather here is brilliant we are in middle of summer.

Hey Greg! Welcome from Indiana!

Enjoy that new sled you got for Christmas!


To see pix of my ride, go to...

Hey Greg... California here too (San Diego). Welcome to the forum.

You paranoid??? Care to narrow down the location a bit. California... big state.
Welcome Greg from Corona California. This is the Best Forum Going. Enjoy and
share alot of stories!!!!!!!
Nice freaking bike you just got my man, congrats.

Welcome to the pinnacle of Mazlove's hierarchy of needs. The finest forum for the coolest riders of even cooler motorcycles.

Post up and grab some laughs, TECHNO skills and friends.
Thanks everybody!! Sorry, I wasn't trying to be paranoid. I'm in Northern Ca. (Concord).
:welcome: to the forum. Never thought you were paranoid, just thought you were trying to get out of here to go riding the new scoot. Congrats!!! Post up often and enjoy.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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