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56 years young, back riding after a 30 year hiatis. Grew up in ILL and rode a monster 450 Honda. Moved out to Montana back in the early 70's and always kept my motorcycle endorsment. Did the marriage thing (3 times) apparently not so good at it. Anyway I'm daing a gal in early June and she says she's thinging about getting a bike, WOW the light goes ON!!!!. Next day I borrow a buddies Dyna Low rider and talk me a little ride, its OK but not exactly what I'm thinking. My work partner has a GS1200 BMW, I take that for a ride and its real nice but you can't hear the damm thing. Following day I go ride a Dyna Wide Glide and its better but no bags or windshield. Then I find a friend who is selling a 99 Road King Classic. He's had it for 4 years and has put about 3500 miles it that time, 12000 miles on the clock. I talk w/ him and take it for a test drive, as I pull out of his driveway and by the time I shift to second gear I know this is my new bike. Six days after talking w/ that gal that Road King is in my carport. 4 months later its got 22,000 miles on the clock and I'm in HOG heaven. At 10k service I upgrade to the S&S gear drive, 510 cams, Arlen Ness Big Sucker and Arlen Ness Big shot along w/ some Metzlers black walls. Really woke her up.
Looking foward to learning lots more on these forums.........goldie
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts