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Hello all,
From Ohio now in sunny Florida!!! Been ridin for over 40 yrs now. The last 19 yrs on a FLSTC I got new(100,000 miles +++), Just put in a 107ci motor, 6sp tranny and all kind of goodies.
This bike has some special meanings to my wife and myself; 1ST bike I got as brand new, Picked it up on my Dad's b-day right after he passed away, That nite my Father-in-Law passed away - APRIL 24, 1993. Now after raising hell on it for 19 yrs and 100,000+ miles my motor went, So get an Ultima 107ci. As I was installing it I notice on back side they put the day the motor was made AUGUST 9, 2011 and that is our 25Th wedding anniversary YEP this bike is a KEEPER!
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