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Heated Jacket Liner

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An odd question in early August but I'm hoping that someone has a heated jacket liner (you know, the quilted thing, but not a vest) that they like. Any recommendations, what do they cost, where can I get it, etc. Thanks all.
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I got a HD heated jacket and like it a lot (about $150 -check HD clothing catalogue) I had a Wider vest before and the jacket is much warmer. Gerbling also has some great jackets from what I've read. I also got the thermostat control which I think you will need to maintain a constant temperture (about $60).
I have the H-D one too. Gerbing makes it. It's great. I was riding all winter long with it and actually rode to work several times in 25 degree weather with the thermostat on about 1/2 way without any problems. You HAVE to get the thermostat with it though. It comes with an on/off switch that will roast you 60 seconds after you turn it on, so you'll be switching it on and off every few minutes. The thermostat works great with it. I also got the heated gloves which are nice too. And since the electric connector wired to your battery is the same connector for the Battery Tender, it's convenient too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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