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Header Wrap

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Im thinking of putting black wrap on my pipes but I have read It makes pipes rust faster and can cause pipes to get to hot and crack? My question is my pipes are ceramic coated black already will this make a diference with the rust since they are not chrome and help with the getting to hot and cracking any input would be great thanks.
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My experience is that header wrap will do two things.

1. Keep the heat down.
2. Destroy the coating.

If wrapped too close to the cylinder head (12 inches or less), it may cause the metal to overheat and crack.
Keep the black ceramic, it's all you need. Leave the wrap for the discovery channel.
I second csoday. The wrap would just be for show. The other thing is that you have to change the wrap every once and a while. It will deteriorate over time (not that long of time either, but I don't know the exact amount). When it starts to brake down, it doesn't look so good. Just stick with the coated pipes.
i saw some hi-temp chrome spray paint at autozone yesterday that would do the trick.:D
I tried it on my bike that has black thunderheaders. Without heat shields the pipes put out a lot of heat. The wrap was great for limiting the heat out put but... The dye in the wrap burnt out almost immediately and I recoated them with 1200 degree black paint which held up. I haven't noticed any adverse effects to the pipes themselves and it does do a great job in containing the heat. They've been on since the beginning of summer (about 10,000 miles) and the material does seem to be deteriating. I'll probably take it off this winter and replace with heat shields.
apache36 said:
i saw some hi-temp chrome spray paint at autozone yesterday that would do the trick.:D
I found a company called restomotive laboratories that makes satin silver heat paint called POR - 20. 2 coats, let each coat dry at room temp for 24 hours and then heat it over 300 degrees. It bakes on like a powdercoat. I followed the instructions and painted a shovelhead engine and trans with it in 1996, and it has not chipped, flaked, or peeled in 10 years of pressure washing. Its about $25 / pint they have a website.
I thank every one for there coments I think I will just leave them alone and If my pasenger burns to many shoe prints on them I will just send them out and have them recoated. I saw on a post that it was only like 70-100 bucks to get them recoated I thought it was like 2 or 3 hundred thats why I was going to wrap them just as a safty measure.
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