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I was reading this months "Hog Tales" rag and noticed the story written
by Ted Murphy called "Head Trips".He tells of riding in Minn and the
enjoyment he gets out of riding his H-D.He comments on why would people ride any other brand bike but H-D.Being an other brand rider
there are to be honest a couple reasons I might have.However, when I
take my son' Road King out for a spin,I see the difference.Riding a Harley
is an experience you don't get on a Goldwing. I believe my next bike
may just be a "Dresser".
Remember folks, there are alot of people riding other brand bikes,But,
if you would get them to tell you they would probably tell you they have
H-D on their brain.
Most Important,keep the shiny side up & the rubber side down!
Masher(A Happy FNG here)
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