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HD Tach

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I finally got a stock tach for my 87 FXLR, this factory tach is electric driven, what does it connect to for it's signal?

2,Has anybody isnatlled a signal light system off of a newer Harley 2000 & up on a FXR? I want the neat way it works on teh newer bikes and will install one on my FXLR which I am restoring.

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Tachs usually have four wires.
1. Ground
2. +12 volt power
3. + 12 used for the light
4. Tach input from the pink wire on the coil

The turn signal module takes an input from the speedo. A new speedo would be required to use the module. It measures speed and distance to determine when to turn the signals off. It also only works with reqular bulbs, an adapter is required to use led's or small marker lights.
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