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HD "Reach" seat

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Does anyone have, or know someone that has, Harley's new 'Reach" seat that they say is meant for the rider's with a "shorter inseam" (everyone else just calls me a 'short-a$$'). I have no problem with my present factory seat/backrest combo on my '04 RG but like the idea of being lower, and closer to the controls.....but NOT if the seat is a b--ch to ride for the long haul.
Thanks in advance
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I had the seat.
You didn't sit on this seat, you sat down into it.
Was comfortable,but no room to move around you are locked in.
Other thing was my legs now being moved forward, were also spread apart by the tank,
I'm 5'8, cant stand the one on my wifes bike, feels like Im riding a bike too small for me (06 Fatboy). The factory one on my 96 is perfect for me.

She's 5'3, with pull back risers, lowered front and rear and it fits her perfect. When I sit on the bike, I almost sit on the pasenger pilon.

Comfort wise? It has a decent pad for your lower back. It sure doesnt look like a long haul seat.
Reach seat

I have a brand new reach seat for a 1200C that I bought with the new bike. It fit well, but the look wasn't for me. I have it available for sale if anyone is interested.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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