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Just thought I'd post my initial experience with the Harley Race Fueler for the 2005 Models. This may work on '06, '07 models but I haven't seen one to comment.

(Apologies for all the dots and underscores but it was the only way to keep the formatting when it posted)

It's a great little box and did exactly what I wanted. I have S/Eagle II Mufflers and Air Cleaner on an '05 Deuce.
The details below describe how I set my fueler up and they may be useful to others. This for TC88 motors the VRod motors run higher rpm's so Dial 4 & 5 would be set differently.

32136-05A......Race Fueler
29440-99C......SE air cleaner
2001..............S/Eagle II Slash Cut Mufflers

The dials (potentiometers) in the Fueler are all orientated the same way, which I believe is different from the earlier Fuelers.

Fitting is very straightforward but it is a bit awkward getting the connectors off and on the injectors under the tank. A well trained 5 year old is very handy for this as they can get their hands in the small space under the tank. Also the wire colours in the instructions were not quite the same as the wire colours on the bike but it was pretty obvious where they went. (White instead of Grey if I remember correctly). I taped the unit to the tank while I was setting it up, it made life much easier. Once finished I slipped it in next to the ECU under the seat, not next the battery as in the instructions (acid and electronics don't get on)

Setting up

I used a frequency counter on my multimeter to check the rpm settings, see the table lower down for the values.

________| 1 |____| 2 |____| 3 |____

_____________R___Y___G_________ Fueler Layout

________| 4 |____| 5 |____| 6 |____

R = Red LED Low rpm range
Y = Yellow LED Mid rpm range
G = Green LED High rpm range

What the dial does (earlier models are different)
1 Low rpm range fuel adjuster ______ -10% to +40% fuel correction
2 Mid rpm range fuel adjuster ______ -10% to +40% fuel correction
3 High rpm range fuel adjuster _____ -10% to +40% fuel correction
4 Low to Mid rpm cutover range _____ 900 to 3500 rpm
5 Mid to High rpm cutover range ____ 4500 to 7100 rpm
6 Accelerator fuel enrichment _______ 0 to 100%

The dials are marked 0 to 10
0 = Fully Anti-Clockwise position on all dials
10 = Fully Clockwise position on all dials

Note these figures represent the position of the dial only, not the value of fuel or rpm. For example Position 2 on Dials 1, 2 & 3 roughly equates to no fuel correction. See the table below for the values.

Initial Settings

These are the positions I started at.

_Dial __ Position_
Dial 1 ___ 2
Dial 2 ___ 2
Dial 3 ___ 2
Dial 4 ___ 3.5 - (Low to Mid rpm needs to be set at around 1800 rpm which is appx 3.5 on the dial)
Dial 5 ___ 0 - (Mid to High rpm needs to be set to 4500 rpm which is 0 on the dial)
Dial 6 ___ 0

Now go for a 10 minute ride to warm the bike up. don't worry if it pops and crackles a bit we just need the bike warm. When you get back take the lid off the fueler as we need to make some adjustments.

Dial 1
Start the engine up and slowly increase the rpm until the red led goes out (about 1800rpm) and the yellow led comes on then bring it down a bit until the led's swap back over and we have the red one lit again. You need to hold this rpm really steady (the lock on the handle bar throttle is useful for this). Now very slowly increase dial 1 (clockwise), the engine should start to speed up (if the yellow led comes on then set the throttle back a little so we are back on red). You will get to a point where the rpm no longer rises and then you can turn the dial back down to a point where the rpm just starts to reduce.

Dial 2
Now we do the same again but at about 4000 rpm. So this time we raise the rpm until the green (third) led comes on and then throttle back very slowly until it goes out and the yellow led comes back on. Then we slowly increase dial 2 until the engine no longer increases in speed and then dial it back slightly.

In both the above exercises we are looking for the point where the engine runs fastest and smoothest with the dials set as low as possible. you may need to stop and let the bike cool during these adjustments. If the engine gets too hot then the EFI will run slightly richer to compensate and this will mess with your results.

Dial 3
This is the hardest to set up manually but unless you are screaming the bike above 4500 rpm a lot you won't need to worry. The only way to set this is to get the bike pulling hard above 4500 and the increase the dial a bit at a time until it runs about right. I set dial 3 to position 4 which is probably too rich but on the safe side. I don't tend to go above 4500 rpm all that much anyway.

Dial 4 & 5
Need no further adjusting.

Dial 6
This is set by snapping the throttle open from idle. If the engine stutters before picking up then you need to increase the setting on the dial. Eventually you find a point where the engine responds straight away and there is no stutter. Again you need to aim to keep the setting as low as you can without the stuttering.

This table shows approximate dial settings

Position____Fuel% (1,2,3)____rpm(4)____rpm(5)

0 ................ -10 ................. 900 ....... 4500 (fully anti-clockwise)
1 ................ -5 ................ 1160 ....... 4760
2 ................. 0 ................ 1420 ....... 5020
3 ................. 5 ................ 1680 ....... 5280
4 ................ 10 ............... 1940 ....... 5540
5 ................ 15 ............... 2200 ....... 5800 (12 o'clock, half way)
6 ................ 20 ............... 2460 ....... 6060
7 ................ 25 ............... 2720 ....... 6320
8 ................ 30 ............... 2980 ....... 6580
9 ................ 35 ............... 3240 ....... 6840
10 ............... 40 ................ 3500 ....... 7100 (fully clockwise)

Earlier models have a different rpm range:
Low to Mid Adjuster Range 600 to 2000 RPM
Mid to High Adjuster Range 3000 to 7000 RPM

At my next service I will get the bike on the dyno and it will be interesting to see how close I got but in the mean time this is what my settings are.


Dial 1 .... 3 ....... +5% fuel (modified to 3.5 (7.5%) after test ride due to popping exhaust)
Dial 2 .... 3 ....... +5% fuel (modified to 4 (10%) after test ride due to popping exhaust)
Dial 3 .... 4 ....... +10% fuel
Dial 4 .... 3.5 ..... 1800 rpm
Dial 5 .... 0 ........ 4500 rpm
Dial 6 .... 6 ........ 60% (of whatever extra fuel it throws in)

Cheers Nik

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i like your explanation of adjusting the pots with throttle locked.

i did mine by running WOT thru all 3 RPM ranges of the fueler, and eliminating flat spots,
and keeping as low as possible, until had noticable lack of power.

how much open road did it take to do that?

i'm in city, only had 1/2 mile, did 3rd gear pulls from dead idle for mine.

that's good data, thanks.

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Good post! I moved it the EFI forum and made it a sticky, good job it should help some folks out. This explanation should help those with earlier EFI bikes also.

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A big thank you, I just got this mod yesterday & started playing around with it. No adjustments yet, just a test drive at factory settings,
Bill A.

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EFI Race Fuelerpart # 32136-05A

Can anybody tell me the factory settings the EFI Race Fueler
part # 32136-05A is set at when new (out of the box)? This part # is new from what I gather for the 2005 Dyna. I've tried to adjust this thing as discribed in this thread but am having a very hard time doing so. Any help on the factory settings would be great.

Thanks, Russ

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This is the best stuff I've seen on this so far. To bad HD couldnt include this info with the product. I've got an 07 FLHT - any specifics on set up for these? All this EFI computer crap really makes me miss my ole hot rod Evo...this is just all too civilized for me!

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I have a 2007 Ultra and I have installed a set of Vance and Hines dresser duals along with a set of CVO slip on mufflers. I also intalled the H-D race fueler and followed the above recomendations for tuning. Bike seems to run pretty good. Lost a little on the MPG went from 41 to 38 but I don't consider this to be an issue.

Wife and I have both noticed more vibration from the motor after the mods. Has anybody else noticed more vibrations?

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I might be really dumb here, but....how do you tell where the dial is pointing ? I don't see a "pointer" or distinguishing mark on the face of any of the dials.

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I might be really dumb here, but....how do you tell where the dial is pointing ? I don't see a "pointer" or distinguishing mark on the face of any of the dials.
Fully anticlockwise is position 0 mark it with a pen / knife
Fully clockwise is position 10 mark it with a pen / knife

and guess the positions in between :hmmm:
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