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PeepingTom said:
Anyone have anything good or bad to say about them?
I'm going to be ordering a 2006 Road King Custom from them in the next few weeks and I just wanted to make sure this was a good dealer to do it from. I liked there big service shop, and all the techs and salesman seem to be pretty knowledgeable in there. They also had a great selection of bikes, acessories and clothing. With a purchase like a bike, I'm looking more in to good service in the future instead of getting a good deal, so how does this place rate?
Thanks for any information.
Hey Tom - I havent had a whole lot of experience with them, although I did go to talk to them about pipes. I have to say it is a new large shop with large service area. My friend takes his bike there for service and is very happy with them overall. I have to say I was disappointed with my discussion about pipes (I was talking to someone in service) and they said that you have to install a SERT with any new pipes, which is not the case. So I think they were just trying to get more money out of me (STEALERS!!). He was however very friendly... hahha...

Food for thought since we are in the same area... I have found the Dealers in our area pretty expensive (Rocklin & Folsom). I take my bike to Rocklin for regular service, however, I am taking my bike to Auburn HD to have a Stage 1 done (pipes, air and download).. 2 good things with Auburn right now.. they are having a service special hourly rate of $65 through the month of Feb and they have no problem with me bringing in parts that I have purchased elsewhere (and saved a boatload). They also said they will pricematch.

With all that said... I (lilve in Roseville) but actually purchased my bike from Dudley Perkins HD in San Francisco and trailered it back home. They gave me an incredible deal on a brand new 2005 RKC 2-tone (well below MSRP), it was definitely worth the $35 trailer rental and 1/2 day off of work. When I told Folsom HD the price I paid.. they pretty much called me a liar (without directly saying it) oh well.. they didnt get my money... if you do consider calling Dudley Perkins.. I believe that our salesman's name was Chris... let me know if your interested and I can look it up...

Good luck with the purchase.. its well worth it.. and have definitely enjoyed my ride...
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