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I little history into my experience. I live in Central MS, and it was time to upgrade my wife from a Sportster 883 to a Street Bob. She loved the Street Bob since she saw her first one last year. She particularly liked the Pewter Denim. We looked at some 07's, but none were Pewter Denim. I told her that if this was going to her first Brand New Bike, I wanted her to get what ever color she wanted. Now the search begins!!

Local Dealer - Doesn't have a Pewter Denim and will order one if I want it. I have some concerns because several people I know are taking their bikes to other dealers anywhere from 70 to 150 miles away for service. One guy I know, bought a Electra Glide, and tried to set up an appt for his 1000 mile service. He was infromed that they were too backed up and he could bring it in on Saturday for first come first served service. He wound up making an appt. with another dealer 70 miles away and they handled him when he got there. I asked the salesman about being able to make sure I could get service, and he told that he could not guarantee service, all he did was sell bikes. When I asked about how he could sell and not back it up with service, he told that was the way it was and he couldn't change it. I went looking elsewhere.

Dealer 2 - Bike not in stock but will order. When asking about service, he said they serviced what they sold, and if I did buy from another dealer they would service the bike. Not much bad about this dealer, just didn't have the bike in stock.

Dealer 3 - Was told buy salesgirl that they had no 08 Street Bobs, but might could order one. She said she would have sales manager call me, never heard from him.

Dealer 4 - Spoke with Sales Mgr., he was going to get back with me. Had another salesman supposedly call. When I called back he said salesman tried to call me and couldn't get me. I talked to salesman and he said Sales Mgr gave him a note with my name and phone number. He didn't know what I wanted, I told him and he said he could find it. Drove to the dealer the next day, saleman was off work and sales mgr, had no idea what was going on. He went into his office and came out saying he found one and could get it. As we talked more he was sounding as if he didn't really want to get it. Are you sure you want this bike - YES - I will need a deposit - OKAY - It will cost 150.00 to go get it - Okay - They may not trade a bike with me - That is when I said - let me think about this and I will get back with you.

Dealer 5 - New Orleans HD - Airline - Spoke to Eric Salem on the phone first. Said he could get the bike. Was on business in New Orleans, and stopped by to visit with Eric. He had found the 08 Pewter Denim Street Bob and would have to go to Texas to get it. Said if I wanted it he would have a driver get it. We talked money, and they were higher on their fees than the other dealers. He offered a $750.00 Store credit and 1000 mile service. Now, if you back out the value of the store credit and the service, he was now less than any other dealer I spoke with. I had sold my wife's Sportster on Ebay and told Eric we wanted the bike, write it up and go get it. We picked the Street Bob up last Saturday and my wife was able to buy a new helmet, grips, windshield, and other little goodies, and we still have the 1000 mile service at no charge. Super Dave finsihed the deal with us, introduced us to all of the dept's. Everybody was very nice and cordial to my wife and I. When fitting her for a new helmet, they were very helpful. Could not ask for nicer people.

Here is the second part to this story - After riding my wifes Street Bob and enjoying the power and the smoothness. I rode a frind of mine's 07 Road Glide and was very impressed. I rode a 92 Ultra and really like the Road Glide. I called Eric and asked what type of trade in value I could get on the Ultra. He asked for digital pictures which I sent immediately. He called me back and gave me figure which was reasonable. I told him with that trade in figure, we could make a deal on a 08 Anniversary Road Glide. He said he had one in stock, but it had $3500.00 in accessories already installed. I told him I did not want the accessories, just the bike. Eric said he would call me back in two hours. In two hours, he called and said he found a 08 Anniv. RG, and if I wanted it, he would go get it. I told him we had a deal and I wanted it. That was Tuesday and this morning (Friday) at 10:00, I picked up my new bike.

Summary - Our first deal went so well, and I was so pleased that we made a deal for second bike three days after picking up the first bike. Being in sales for over 20 years, it was a pleasure to be treated like a customer. I cannot say enough for the help that Eric and Super Dave gave my wife and I on these purchases. Time will tell as to the experiences we have with their service dept, but from my experience so far I see it only as positive. I would recommend New Orleans HD - Airline to anyone who is looking to purchase a bike. If you are having issues with your local dealer, give Eric a call.
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