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Harley's new used program

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Beware! Not all Harley dealers are participating, although HOG news Sept/Oct issue states that Harley UK says all 22 dealers are taking part in the scheme. Make sure you ask the question before you buy.
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Does that mean used NEW bikes,or just used bikes ? Kind of like the certified Lexus,or Honda the dealers advertise about?
New used program

It means all used Harley's sold in the UK, by Harley dealers, under 60,000 miles & under 8 years old should have a one year manufactures warranty, one years membership to HOG & one years roadside assistance.

But the dealer I bought mine from, only told me they were not participating in the scheme after I signed the paper work.

Harley UK don't want to know, yet they introduced it.

I am over the moon with the bike, but as usual the back up stinks.

A warrenty on a used/ formerly ridden scooter?? Sounds too good to be true. It is usually as is. Or so I have told, But 1 year warrenty???
That would be nice.
Well it's true, I have the artical in HOG News to prove it, if you would like a copy I can e-mail it to you.
Actually I wouldn't be surprised to see that here in the near future. They have to find a way to move the late model bikes that are beginning to pile up.

If you consider the price for the used ones at dealers is close to the price of new ones, you can see the problem. Why would you even think about a used one (from a dealer).

They have gotten hooked on making 3 or 4 grand on these bikes, and if they don't move them in some way the trade in they allow will fall to the point where the sales of new bikes start to suffer, and the MoCo subsidizing the dealers in this manner simply shows what they see coming. Some dealers not participating, despite the MoCo subsidy, just goes to show you to what degree they hate doing warranty work.

If you consider all the stuff the warranty does not cover on new bikes, it doesn't take a genius to figure out the coverage would be very limited, but if you look at it as a PR tool it may work to some degree on some prospective new customers.
Most of the time ya have to argue for the warranty item to be fixed. At least at some of the dealers. At some, they are real good about fixing queationable items. I guess this would be good if you drove away and the motor blew up! But then again,you would probably br able to tell if somthing was wrong,or on it's way out!
From my experience, warranty work is up to the dealer on how they handle it.

Back in California i drove quite a ways to Rocklin HD. I never had to request something be covered under warranty.

They replaced leaking head gaskets, and the malfuntioning fuel gauge under warranty.

The service writer always said "If it's under warranty, you won't be charged. And get this, i didn't even buy the bike from them.

Hope i find as good a dealer here in New England !
Now this could be totally unrelated, and I may have gotten some bad info, but I heard that part of the reason for the V-Rod is that The UK will soon outlaw the sale of new air cooled bikes.

Anyone else heard anything about that?

Gunner, that would be a program implemented by the particular dealer, right??

Jimmy, not in that context, but if they do implement the new CEM emissions standards, it might not be cost effective to meet them with an air cooled engine for a relatively small market. They already use catalysts on the HDI bikes.

It is not uncommon for companies to test new programs in smaller markets to minimize exposure if the cost benefit ratio doesn't turn out to their advantage. Hard to take these things away once they are in.
Here in AR dealers will give warranty in used bikes. But the bikes must meat their specs. Milage, yr. model, etc. They will also want you to finance with Harley too. Im not for sure but I think that is how the warranty is given. Through Harley Credit.
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