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Harleys in Hawaii

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I ride a 2000 Heritage out here in Honolulu, and I love riding around the Island with a great bunch of guys year round. There is some really neat rides and great riding weather! Only problem is that it seems like there is a monopoly on Harley Parts since the dealers here charge around 30% more than MSRP on parts and we're at their mercy trapped on this island. The Harley Davidson virtual dealers don't ship to Hawaii from the mainland (at least that's what it says on the website). I end up buying most of my "add ons" off of ebay. Any suggestions?
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Try Five-0

Aloha Glenn,

You are right about the markup on parts on the island. I have had good luck with 5-0 across from the convention center and with Pac Rim who services my Titan. 5-0 has parts in stock and will budge on price since it costs them money to carry inventory. Last I heard, they were moving so there may be a sale.

Where are you in Honolulu? I moved my stuff back from my condo in Kahala to my in-laws in Kaimuki. I'm presently in chilly Vancouver training a tech group for an upcoming project which has changed several times since the 9-11 disaster and the resulting business models have also changed. I hoped to be back for turkey this week but may just drive south to Oregon to visit family.

Take care, brah.
Howzit Ben

It must be nice to live in two different places. I take it that you're in Vancouver Canada versus Washington. I live in "Lower Alewa Heights/Lanakila" on Oahu, and am looking forward to the big "Toys for Tots" run coming up in December. Hope you can make it, cause I heard its gonna be a pretty big event. As for 5-O parts... last time I went down there they were gone (not sure where they went). Hope you make it back for Thanksgiving. Take Care Brah!
Ok, as an option I checked with Dennis Kirk for you. Here is their response:

From :
Information Requests <[email protected]>

To :
"'[email protected]'" <[email protected]>

Subject :
RE: shipping

Date :
Fri, 23 Nov 2001 10:27:20 -0600

Thank you for your interest in Dennis Kirk and the merchandise we carry.

Yes we do ship to Honolulu. There would be additional shipping cost
depending on the method you choose.



Hope this helps. They have some good stuff and fair prices.

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Thanks for the Info

Thanks Jimmy for the info... I'll check to see if there's a website with parts listing.
Sorry! There sure is...

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