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Harley Parts....

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I noticed your name at HarleyDavidsonForum.com! My brother-n-law just opened a Harley Shop (Steel City Cycles) in Granite City, IL and I'm his online man i guess you could say. I am the person who goes online whether its through forums/ebay/email and sell parts for a LOW PRICE!!! If you want any items or any parts whatsover that has to do with your bike, I gaurantee we can get it for you and ship it wherever you would like! Email me at: [email protected] Thanx 4 your time!!!
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Steel, if ya' want to sell something noncommercial, we have a forum available for that.

On another forum I see that a member growled at ya' for spamming. We're pretty good here about no spam. 'nough said.

i'll stop then... sorry for the inconvenience where can i post?
I think what you are being told is that if you are trying to run a business you can "post" in the far right hand column just like all the other paying commercial advertisers who support the site. In other words...buy an ad.

I think the classifieds are for regular guys selling an item or two.

This is definately not a business.. I can just get a few parts 4 cheap!
forget it...

You tell me to post in classifieds so i do! you take it off! What am i supposed to do... Man, i was just trying to give you harley riders some good prices on some parts, actually gauranteed cheaper than anyone else! But you decide to just push me out of the way, so forget it... I mean this is the rudest forum ive ever been to! I was just trying help the average working man to get some cheaper parts, i was even make that big of a cut off of the deal, cause we just opened! Lets put it this way, i just sold a part that retails for $400 bucks for $269 shipped! But i guess you guys dont want parts cheap... I'll just go to the next forum, maybe they will show some respect!
Steel, smooth out dude...... Every forum is over-sensitive to spam. It's an Internet fact. Post your link and let it go. Those that want to take advantage of what you have will search for it. 'If you build it they will come.' Welcome.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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