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If you are what you say you are then you'd know how to spell. You are a fake and an asshole.

If you go anywhere near Texas and survive...I will find you. Don't even think about getting busy with my brother. As a matter of fact, if you even dream about screwin' with my brother, you'd better wake up and apologize, chump! You know not who you deal with pee-pee boy. Come to Napa it's a smaller town and I'm easy to find.

You came in here to start nonsense and you suceeded. Now go back to your closet and play with yourself. You are neither educated nor a gentleman. You have not the intellegence or creativity to be CEO of a soup kitchen. You are a bed-wetting little nit wit who cannot fathom just what a fool you appear to be.

You are the proverbial **** that harley riders scrape off their boots at the curb's edge. I am sure next week you'll be masquerading as a taste tester for feminine hygiene spray or some other foolishness.

You are a weak minded, inbred clod that thought you could toy with the bikers and get over. Well, I guess you better hone your game some more before you try that again. Bring a better game next time or maybe go terrorize the romper room crowd at AOL.

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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