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Well, you all certainly set me straight. I am to damn rich, have too much education, a small dick and have no character. Oh Ya, someone said my wife was ugly as well. Hey what did I expect? I came into your house and pissed on the couch. To those of you who I offended, I apologize…except for JimmyK, he’s just a plain old stupid . Jimmy, companies don’t stay in business for 20 years producing a 0.5% GPM.

For the record everything I said about myself is true and I really do have an Indian (what the hell was the comment about my being a troublemaker on the F150 site???). Anyway there was some real good stuff that came up. If you didn’t get a chance to read sheepboys post you should. It somes up the Harley culture very well.

Hippo also asked a pretty good question. “Now, why would an engineer that has done design work for the factory and presumably would have better things to do knock them on a public forum.” Marketing, if you want to know how to improve your products you need to ask questions. Sometimes you can get more out of stirring the pot then you can with other methods. I will actually use some of what you guys said for new product development we are working on. Not for bikes this time but for a car company.

Well that’s about all. I will be leaving your house now so try to keep the abuse to a minimum. I will only be checking the site one more time before I leave for Asia on Friday.

Spring is here. Ride till you can’t ride no more!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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