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Harley or Indian last word

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Well, you all certainly set me straight. I am to damn rich, have too much education, a small dick and have no character. Oh Ya, someone said my wife was ugly as well. Hey what did I expect? I came into your house and pissed on the couch. To those of you who I offended, I apologize…except for JimmyK, he’s just a plain old stupid . Jimmy, companies don’t stay in business for 20 years producing a 0.5% GPM.

For the record everything I said about myself is true and I really do have an Indian (what the hell was the comment about my being a troublemaker on the F150 site???). Anyway there was some real good stuff that came up. If you didn’t get a chance to read sheepboys post you should. It somes up the Harley culture very well.

Hippo also asked a pretty good question. “Now, why would an engineer that has done design work for the factory and presumably would have better things to do knock them on a public forum.” Marketing, if you want to know how to improve your products you need to ask questions. Sometimes you can get more out of stirring the pot then you can with other methods. I will actually use some of what you guys said for new product development we are working on. Not for bikes this time but for a car company.

Well that’s about all. I will be leaving your house now so try to keep the abuse to a minimum. I will only be checking the site one more time before I leave for Asia on Friday.

Spring is here. Ride till you can’t ride no more!
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Well, you aren't the first one to come here for an education. There are other college kids coming here for marketing advise. You are just the first asshole to do so. LOL. Hope we taught you everything that you need to know on your short visit.

By the way....I for one don't appreciate you bad mouthing one of our members. Like you said....this is OUR house. You better wipe your feet before you come in again dude.
Hey jbike65,

Posted this on your other thread, but since you are jumping around. I will too.

Found a nice site that says it all for me ! You definitely need to check it out.


Regards from Northeast Texas,

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If you are what you say you are then you'd know how to spell. You are a fake and an asshole.

If you go anywhere near Texas and survive...I will find you. Don't even think about getting busy with my brother. As a matter of fact, if you even dream about screwin' with my brother, you'd better wake up and apologize, chump! You know not who you deal with pee-pee boy. Come to Napa it's a smaller town and I'm easy to find.

You came in here to start nonsense and you suceeded. Now go back to your closet and play with yourself. You are neither educated nor a gentleman. You have not the intellegence or creativity to be CEO of a soup kitchen. You are a bed-wetting little nit wit who cannot fathom just what a fool you appear to be.

You are the proverbial **** that harley riders scrape off their boots at the curb's edge. I am sure next week you'll be masquerading as a taste tester for feminine hygiene spray or some other foolishness.

You are a weak minded, inbred clod that thought you could toy with the bikers and get over. Well, I guess you better hone your game some more before you try that again. Bring a better game next time or maybe go terrorize the romper room crowd at AOL.

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LOL! Hey brother! LOL!

Personally I take pride in being singled out as being the only one that he won't say sorry to.

Just another keyboard warrior / millionaire / rocket scientist / porn star / badass biker / 14 year old face full a zits nerd.

I propose a celebrity boxing match...."JimmyK vs. The CEO Indian".
He ain't from the same Detroit that I know.
bike65 wrote with his infinite wisdom.......

"Spring is here. Ride till you can’t ride no more!"

Great advice, but it will never be with you ass wipe.
Ain't it great! :D This is what brotherhood is all about. Bro's can argue and fight with each other, but you let some piece of sh!t dirt bag like jbike (what is that anyway?) threaten a brother and all of sudden you've got more backup than you can imagine.

Jbike65 - this is the wrong place for you to be.
Did I say HE caused trouble at F150online? Did any of you guys also feel I blamed HIM?
No fourhour...it's just one of many things he got wrong. He seems to have a little comprehension problem.
It looks like LW went in and removed Jbike's threats for us. That's good. I just wanted to mention it so the new readers won't think that we're picking on some poor innocent kid.

Re: Jbike65

I've been following this thread and holding my tongue so far since I felt this sh!t bird was a troll from the beginning. Pretty much everyone took care of him in short order as I presumed would occur.

JimmyK and Manny among all the others that took thier turn on Jbike65 lumped him up but good. He deserved his licks. On the other hand he also got the satisfaction of accomplishing what he set out to do.

I wholeheartedly concur with you all that he needed an attitude adjustment. As was previously mentioned, no one here gives a sh!t what anyone does for a living or how much bongo they make doing it. We're all here to share information and basically, bond.

We all share a common interest and are proud of our rides and the fact that we need not explain our reasoning to eachother or anyone else for that matter. We're all in the know!

Here's to sticking together! First round's on me... Hell, just pour us all a pitcher of Coke and set the bottle of Jack on the table!!!


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Thanks Mike!

Ok now fellas no pushin and no shovein. Each of y'all grab a cup and divey up that Coke evenly. I'm gonna be sitting over here with this here bottle of Jack and make sure y'all play nice!

Jimmy sits back on his chair, prepares to take his first sip of Jack and get's jumped by the room.

Bla HAHAhahHeyItsAJokeHonest! HA!
Damn I feel Proud !

I am fairly new to this board and I feel damn proud of the way you all jumped the **** of the trouble maker ! It seems that where ever you you go there is always some dickhead stiring the ****. I am proud to be apart of this board.

Ride Safe
Retrospect Y'all.

To be honest, Nimrod did us a service. If his entrance serves any purpose, let it be a reminder.

Riding season for many of you is starting again. I live in Texas so it never ends, sooo shoot me! Ha ha!

There are many out there that are jelouse of the freedom that we have taken hold of and demanded in our lives.

There is nothing to fear from that occasional asshole that will wander in here. Keyboard warriors are nothing to contend with. Hell, an Administrator could feed me their IP and I could track em down to the bedroom they are writing from as their mamma calls em to dinner.

The point is however, there are assholes on the road as well. They Hate you on your Harley just as surely as the ******** that blasted the freedom loving brothers portrayed in Easy Rider.

Watch your backs y'all ! Take care of the LW on the back of your scoot. Let the upcoming season bring you ALL back when the snowflakes start falling and you are bitching about having to winterize your bike. We here in Texas will be here to laugh at you bragging about the miles we will continue to put on, all the time grateful that you survived another season.

FTW is the valid cry of The American Biker. Our "friend" is a part of the world that is the target of the same.

Treat those that treat you well better. Treat those that don't, accordingly. Things always work out if you follow that simple wisdom.

Ride safe my friends. Spring is here!
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That's more like it...

Now that's what I'm talkin' About! Isn't this kind of casual banter a bit more appropriate for this board? This and 'course Harleys!

Man the weather really blows here right now. The wind picked up a couple of hours ago to around 40 mph and with it came a cold front and a wall of snow coming up the Delaware river corridor. Still snowing, expecting up to three inches. Highs in the teens and twenties with wind chills below zero through Saturday. Definately not motorin' weather! To top it off I've got a stinkin' crane class to teach tomorrow. Should've checked the long term forcast before I scheduled that. Out and on with the long woolies once again.

But alas, spring is here and warm temps. are just a couple of weeks away.

Hang loose,

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Da'uum I type too slow...

Rattle around the house, yell at the dog, type another sentence, rattle around some more, yell at the kids, type another entry... you get the picture.

I seem to be a couple of posts behind here!

Sure wish the lot of us habitated within closer proximity to one-another. Most all seem to be on the same wavelength for the most part. Again, the common thread factor. Could definitely dig sharin' a lane with yas!


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Hey supersport,thanks!

Anybody happen to catch where Jimmy went with that bottle?

Cheers all!!
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