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Several months ago I recall someone asking if anyone with a Harbor Freight tire changer was having trouble attaching a 21" wheel to the wheel adapter/clamp.

I've had one of these things since last winter, but never used it until recently. Sure enough, when I tried to mount the 21" front wheel to the motorcycle wheel adapter/clamp, it didn't fit. The hub of the wheel (the bearing to be exact) was resting on the center of the adapter and keeping the rim from making contact on all three of the clamps. I noticed there was a little play in the clamps, so I figured I'd just stuff a shim between each clamp and it's arm. On the two pinned clamps, I found some old curtain rod brackets (see, it pays to NEVER throw anything away) that seemed to be the right thickness, so I reshaped them with a hammer, and tapped them between the clamps and the arms. The third clamp is a split affair, so I simply stuck a couple washers between the two halves and tightened it all up.

Well, this ended up only giving me about a third the clearance I needed. Back to the drawing board. I studied the center column that the arms are welded too and noted that the column indeed projected above the arms by at least a quarter inch. Maybe I could grind it down some. The only thing I had to grind with though was a Dremel Moto-Tool. Aaarghhh! So I mounted up a grinding wheel and got after it. It was slow and tedious, but I managed to knock it down to about a sixteenth inch projection.

It ain't too pretty, but it's there...

Well, that did the trick :D ...now I can clamp the wheel down with just a tad to spare (sorry for the crappy picture...I was trembling with excitement :)

Here's an overall view of the changer. I mounted it to a 4'x4' sandwich of 3/4" and 3/8" plywood that I had on hand. I used carriage bolts, and countersunk them from the bottom in the 3/8" plywood. It's not as stable as bolting it to the concrete, but it does work. No, the bench grinder and stand to the left aren't attached...they're justing sitting on it while in storage.

Hope this helps someone out there. :beer4u:
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