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Happy Mother's Day, Ladies!

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Hope all you mom's out there have a great day! How many of you that ride still have kids at home? I have two teenage boys and everytime I get on my bike I think of them. I ask myself - should I be taking this risk? Even though they are teenagers, I know they still need me. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else feels the way I do.

Have a great one!:D
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Happy Momma's Day To all

The sky here is dark with clouds, waiting for the storms to move in, the rivers are out of the banks, and people are scurrying to higher ground.
Me? I am not in the flood areas, but am 2 blocks from the river's edge, but on high ground....
Just thought I'd stop by and give my data on Washington, Mo lol
Hope everyone has a great week end and enjoys the family gatherings.

Happy Mothers Day to all the "Mom's" as well...

We are just back from a ride and as much as I loved to be on the back of that screamin machine...It made me want my own even more!

Now I see why I have not MADE the time to ride like I would have. It is a fever that can't be cured with a shot in the wind holdin on to a driver. The only cure is to grip those bars in your OWN hand and open it (not gender specific :0)---- up on a country road, just you and the asphalt.

I had thought about a Night Train until I saw this Deuce today. It was love at first sight.

Don't know much about the mechanics of a ride, just know how to drive and what feels good, so I think I will browse a little to see which one will suit my NEEDS better.

Definitely want some LOUD pipes (So much for a woman should be seen and not heard!) and a soft seat.
Happy Mother's Day!

No children for me yet, maybe someday, but for now I'll just have to keep treating my dogs as if they were children:D

Roadkinghd - Loud Pipes, now your talking. I run 2" drags on mine, excellent sound. I want people to know when I'm coming through town!
Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to wish a Happy Mother's Day
to all the Ladies out here. I hope ur day was special, to each and everyone of u. :D
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