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Happy Memorial Day

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Hey everybody,

Happy Memorial Day. Lets not forget what its all about. Remember our fallen brothers and sisters who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could ride free. For those who served and are still with us, buy them a beer and give them a slap on the back. This year, with all the terrorist bullshit maybe people will take that extra moment to think about it.

Enjoy the extended weekend. We finally have spring in Michigan and the wheels will be a spinnin and the Holden will be a grinin.



ps. Anybody makin the rolling thunder ride?
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Well said Holden.
Hope to catch some of you at this years Rolling Thunder!

Peace to all the Bro's and Sisters out there...

John :D
Memorial day

Yes, I hope everyone has a fun & safe holliday.

The only bad thing about this country is WE DON'T EVER FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!

And to all the bad people out their trying to hurt us, we will PAY YOU BACK , AND YOU WON'T EVER FORGET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice day.

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