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Handlebars! Help

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I will be picking up a 06 Night Train in April. Love everything about it, except the handlebars. I already know they won't fit me. I like to sit a little back, like on a corbin or mustang backrest. I was thinking about exchanging them for some Harley mini apes, like on a wideglide. Anyone about my size found something useful? I'm about 5'11". Thanks for any help.:confused:
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I'm 5'10" tall..

The Deuce bars fit me absolutely perfect, so..:wootdnc:
So, instead of the stock deuce 1" bars, I ordered the 1 1/4" fatbars that came standard with the Screamin Eagle Deuce. They're offered this year for the Soft Tails.
The price was ridiculous, but the bars fit me perfect, and the fatbars also have the internal wiring holes below the risers to clean things up, which I really like a lot...
Bars were $199.00:spank:
Risers were $199.00:spank:
Chrome filler was $49.00 and labor to run the wires and install will run about $250.00 :spank: :spank: :spank:
All parts minus 15% discount.
The price looks pretty bad, but the bars are the exact fit for me, and man they are gonna be HOT..
I'm 6'1" and went with Wild1 501's on my '06 'train. Fit perfectly for me.
If you're gonna change the seat do it first. I am 5'10 and switched to a Mustang solo 2 days after I picked up the bike. I took off the stock bars the first week and put on Wild 1 500's, then tried Wild one 8" and put the 500's back on. I will be putting 560's on it shortly.
Have a 03 Night Train, and am also 6"1. Like the way they look, where can i get a set? How much?
I also have an '06 FXSTBI. I'm also 5'11" and I went with 14" apes. Their being shipped as I type, so I don't know what the exact feel is going to be, but I've tried them on other peoples bikes and loved them. Problem with drag bars, imo, is that you can't really adjust them. Apes, on the otherhand, can be pushed forward/back to suite your riding style. Good luck...
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