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handle bars for '96 FX low rider

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Hello everyone, I got a FXDL that came to with handle bars that so far have been very uncomfortable. they are 29inch wide, 8inch rise and 8 to 10 inch pull back (not sure for the pull back). So I was curious what you guys find comfortable. It seems to me lower profile bars or drag bars would be more comfortable - give some opinions please
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Well on my 05 FXD I have 16" apehangers with no pullback (raked forward about 10deg, bobber style) and find them very comfortable.
Yes I do the twisties, as well as the freeway between here and LA, Palm Springs etc., an haven't had any prob so far
I have drag bars on my 03' lowrider. The bike handles well with them and no arm or hand fatigue. The bars are from Wild one, model WO500 (6.0" Drags,
4.5" end rise, 10.5" pullback.) ( http://www.wild1inc.com/handlebars.html )

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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