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if we had a vet forum (hint) I would post this there

I'm not sure of the authenticity of this but I think is a good piece to remind us that as Memorial Day approaches there are many US military members standing the watch so that we can enjoy our BBQs and summer fun. Take a moment to reflect on those who have given their lives and on those who now serve so that we all might live and prosper in the freedom we often take for granted.

An aircraft filled with 101st Airborne Division soldiers
en route to Afghanistan circled the World Trade Center
disaster site in lower Manhattan last week to remind the
troops of why they were deploying. It was the first time
since Sept. 11 that the Federal Aviation Administration allowed a
commercial plane to fly over the site.

Capt. Richard Osborne, pilot of MD-11 World Airways,
radioed 20 minutes ahead to coordinate the maneuver and
the air traffic controllers were notably moved by the request.
"They were happy to do it when we told them the 101st Airborne
Division (Air Assault) was on board," said Osborne. "These
people are going over there and are literally risking their
lives in response to the terror that occurred at that place;
it was very significant that they get an opportunity to see it"
For the soldiers of Task Force 187 making the trip, it was a
reminder of what the mission is all about. "It was definitely
a sobering moment, (a reminder) of what we're doing here,"
said Spc. Raymond Ballance, Company D, 311th Military
Intelligence, ground surveillance. "It brought it back to
the front of my mind, of why we're doing this, by seeing those
two barren sites." Ballance is also prepared to make the
sacrifice to help eliminate terrorism. "Hopefully I'll find
some bad guys and detain them so we can bring them to
justice," said Ballance.

Osborne, who was an Army aviator during Vietnam, said he was
proud to have the job of flying the "Screaming Eagles" to
their destination. "I'm glad we're able to bring them on this
leg and what we're really looking forward to is bringing
each and every one of them back home," said Osborne. "I was
proud when I served in the military and I'm proud of the
quality of people who are on board today."

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Very good idea for this forum. Thats what I like about this place, good ideas and a manager willing to adapt things for us. Thanks Mr. Price.
As far as the above article, very heartwarming. Its good to see these young men and women that are in the service fighting for our freedoms.

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I'm not sure of the authenticity of this...

That article was posted in the Virginian Pilot a couple of months back and is very much authentic. Thanks for the reminder...
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