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Did a rental back in December through H.O.G. for a couple days in Vegas. I requested a Heritage from their limited selection of rentals and was looking forward to the ride. I had spent a couple days on a Heritage in Albuquerque last May and liked the bike. When I got to the dealer, they showed me an adjusted contract putting me on a Road Glide. I won't get into a long discussion here on the benefits of a Road Glide (I'm sure there are those of you who love it) but let's just say I was really disappointed. It was just not the ride I was planning on. Well, I finally got on the phone with H.O.G. today and spoke with the rental coordinator. I explained the situation to her and let her know my disappointment in being put on a bike other than what I requested and the ride I got out of it. She could not pull up the specific calendar, but apologized for the mix up and offered me a full refund of my rental charges. I accepted and told her I would use H.O.G. again in the future for rentals despite the minimal bike selection.

With all those that seem to slam H.O.G. on these forums, I thought I would pass along a thumbs up for their Customer Service in dealing with this issue. I didn't like that they switched bikes on me without any notice, but they did deal with me fairly when I made them aware of the issue and my disappointment.

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