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2000 & up vehicles...........Anyone seen one go south? Thanks TK.

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My 2000 OEM bearings were great,90,000 miles and still just fine.
At that point I thought it wise to have them changed out for new ones.
I must have got a bad set because the new ones were crap and I'm still pissed off about it.
The front started leaking grease at 10,000 miles and I had it replaced when I had a tire put on.
Needless to say I wasn't happy but figured WTF sh!t happens and it should be good to go now for another 90K.
Well a week before leaving for Sturgis last summer the bike went in for a new rear tire,welp I get's a call from the dealer saying the wheel bearing has spun in the hub (cast mag wheel) and ruined the wheel!:mad:
This only 20,000 miles after having both bearings replaced.
Now to make matters worse year 2000 wheels are hard to come by,'99 has the older style bearing and '02 and later the bigger axle.
It would take weeks to get a new wheel from H/D to the tune of about $300 and I couldn't find one used on ebay and have it here and on the bike within the 4 days I had left.
The service writer was doing all he could to help and finally called me saying he found one at their salvage lot for $175 that was the same but silver not black like mine and did I want it put on.
Hell yes! I says I need to get rolling for my trip,put it on.
I figure I can have it powder coated to match or the pair chromed after the trip so all is well.
So I go get the bike and look at the rear wheel,now with a new Metzler and fresh wheel bearing.......WTF! it's not the same wheel,it's got the I beam style spokes not the round ones like my front wheel,they don't match!:mad:
Well at least I can ride it now but again I'm not happy.
Off we go for Sturgis and 100 miles out on the first day of a 5000 mile trip
I pick up a big screw in the new rear tire and it's ruined:wacko:
Geeze if it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all.:huh:
I was lucky enough to find a local indy shop out in BFE where I had the flat and got a lightly used Dunlop mounted up and managed the rest of the trip on miss matched wheels and tires.
When I got home I found an OEM matching wheel on ebay and had a new wheel bearing and Metzler tire installed on it ,all has been good now for about
20,000 miles but I'm keeping a close eye on the bearings.
The dealer gave me a $75 credit for the wheel they sold me for $175,still not happy but better than nothing I guess.
Moral to the story I guess is if it ain't broken don't fix it.
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