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H D factory warenty on a new bike

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hey warentys are my bigest problem with the moco. we spend big bucks for our new machine. and HD only gives you 1 year. well ok i live in wis. and the riding season is short. now with lots of bikes around are we going to see incentives on new bike soon.? i realy think so, it may take a while but bet your a$$ when threr is 2 of any model on the floor at the steelership and more coming. will the customer be the most important person in the building. when harley finally finds out that they need us poor working men to buy there products.maybe they will go to the customer pays the bills attatude. and at least show they care about us.
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Same here in NYS

I feel your pain...I was able to put on 7,002 miles so far this year...Lots more than the average of 3,500 for most of the New England crowd..I agree...BUT we all still buy H-D....:rolleyes:
HD is a business, period. Just like any large company, we're just a number and until thier money numbers favor us, you'll receive the same service you have been. Period.

my 2 cents.

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