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Yes, I know this thread is over a year old but I also knew that if I looked for it it would be there.

And it is.

Guy W's is my local STEALER/dealer.

They mark bikes up a minimum of $1000 over MSRP, once shipping and incidentals are included you are looking at $2000 over list.

The service shop is pathetic and has had no fewer than 30 turnovers in the last year. They are incapable of anything other than bolting on new purchase add-ons and are basically completely unaware of any other Harley repair or procedure.

Parts? You're kidding right? They don't need no steenkin parts!

Recently they have changed their name to LEGACY Harley Davidson and they are creepier than ever.

There is no return customer base with these people as they run everyone off that has ever bought a bike from them.

The local HOG chapter is a ride ten miles and eat thing too.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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