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Missing cycle claim leads to fraud charge
Staff report , Daytona news journal 3/7/02

DAYTONA BEACH SHORES -- Gut instincts and a missing set of motorcycle tie downs helped police unravel an insurance fraud scheme Wednesday, public safety officers said.

Paul Patrick Voigt, 32, of St. Cloud, Minn., was arrested after he confessed to officers that he lied when he told them his $40,000 Bourget motorcycle was stolen from a beachside hotel parking lot. Voigt originally told officers he hauled the customized chopper along with another motorcycle to Volusia County in the bed of his pickup.

Officers said Voigt told them that even though he lives in Minnesota, he thought it was too cold to ride his motorcycle Monday. Voigt claimed he left the motorcycle in the parking lot Monday and when he returned Wednesday it was gone.

Officers Cheryl Herren and Brian Hills became more suspicious of the story after seeing only one set of tie downs in the pickup, and Voigt claimed to have hauled two bikes from Minnesota.

After a short interview, Voigt admitted to police he left the motorcycle in his garage in Minnesota, deciding after he could not sell it to claim it was stolen.

Voigt was charged with attempted insurance fraud and filing a false police report
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