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GRock;HDWRENCH et al. TW-6H question

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Having read up at bit about what is on the market, how I ride and what outlay I'm willing to absorb, I'm considering the following build for my 2003 efi deuce:
98 Millenium, w/ 9.7 CP pistons
Cometic .030 gaskets
Gerolamy headwork w/ releases, roller rockers, pushrods etc.
Gerolamy-ported stock t-body
gear drive TW-6h cams
Feuling oil pump, cam plate and lifters
Either Rineharts 2 into 1 or V&H Pro pipe
Either SERT with some "Alpha N" fuel assistance or DTT TCFI
SE diaphram clutch spring

I'm curious to know your thoughts on a couple of things.
First, I know most of you recommend a 10:1 cr for the 6H cam but with its relatively early intake close timing (40?) that makes for some pretty high cranking pressures for SoCAl's pump gas and hot weather(190lbs+). Bobby Wood was kind enough to respond to a similar inquiry saying that it would be 'okay' but steered me towards a bigger cr and cam with what sounded like his well-intended enthusiasm for extremity. Should I scrap this cam choice if I'm not willing to accept such cranking presures or am I missing something?
Second, What are your general impressions of this proposed build if price and valvetrain noise aren't too much of a problem?
Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Well you did not list what your "goal" was or how you ride, city/hwy 2 up and so on. SO I will take a stab at this

I think you could get great performance from a 9.7.1 kit as we also have poor fuel here in AZ and high temps. The 9.7 kit and a mild cam like the 37 will yeild great results and save you some money in the process. The 6h RREALLY LIKES COMPRESSION so i fail to see the reason to spend the extra coin on all items needed for that cam and then run it at a low comp ratio. It is not going to run any better than the 37 and you will be out the coin. Now if you want that cam then run it where it works it's best 10..25.1 ++

If I can take a 98 on 9.7 and a mild cam like the 37 and break 100tq under 2500 peak it at 105+ and still hang on to the tq above the 100 mark until 4600 would that intrest you?? If so good as we can do it on a regular basis with very basic items.

Can the 98 make more OF COURSE it can add the needed items plus comp ratio and it will run well. 10.5 comp ratio a 585 cam, and 115 tq and 106 hp
The combo's are endless. If that was of no help give me a call I am sitting here doing nothing more than playing cards on the computer ALLLL by myself heck talking about builds has GOT to be more fun than this!!!!
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Ahh yes!! cards on line.

I was just palying a few hands on paradisepoker.com myself trying to finance the build:) Your response was informative, thank you. BTW, riding style? a bit of everything. Not much 2up riding, nor much over 85 mph. Mostly what I want is for my buddys on their Big Dogs not to pull away from me through the first three gears and to have a relaible bike. Though I don't have the time, space or tools to wrench a lot, I like to dabble with the motor stuff...old habits... The numbers you mention do interest me and and I have confidence in your ability to help me getting there. Just want to consider all options, even they become involved. About the only extent I want to shy away from is having to split the cases....for now. From what I understand this build should be able to run with all but really committed. Your consultation is appreciated btw, I expect to do business with GMR on this job.
You can tell from the pic I'm sure that I put a lot of resources into this machine.
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