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First post!
I joined the forum so that I could perhaps get some intelligent responses regarding my Softail and to attempt to assist others in any way that I can.
Currently own a 2003 One-Off Softail Custom built from pavement to sky.

I just have to admit that my bike is absolutely my favorite of all past purchases!

Anyway, it has a 80cu EVO2 Delkron Engine and Primary.

I would like to increase the power and move to a 6-speed. I just don't have anyone who I can trust to guide me through this upgrade process.

I'm about to purchase a Street Glide for a backup summer ride. Michigan doesn't give us a great deal of seat time.

ANY solid assistance with my two upgrades would be greatly appreciated.

The Delkron combo in it is one hell of a great setup, I just want the extra power and top end gear.
Thanks in advance for any possible suggestions.

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Good intro and welcome, but you need to post your question in the proper forum as the gear heads are over there.
Come on Capt. He's looking for intelligent discussion......devil
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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