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Greetings from San Jose

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I ride a 1990 Harley Davidson FXR.

Spent 12 years in the US Army defending the Ideals of this country.

I have a Wonderful Wife and 4 Wonderful Boy's.

Lamika, Matthew 6, Christian 4 (28th Dec), Garrett and Jeron (Twins, 21 Months).

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You have arrived.

A place in your life where others only dream of.

Welcome to the wondrous, two wheeled forum of the select few who understand the thrills of heavy metal v-Twin thunder. (chills)

Your Service to our fine country is greatly appreciated. {salute(

I too Have 4 kids, a great wife and a fabulous American motorcycle.

Post up, grab some laughs and pick some brains, here at the internationally acclaimed, V-TwinForum.com.
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Thank You for your service to our fine country and welcome to the Forum.:cheers:
:welcome: to the forum. Thanks for your service!!! {salute( Post up often and enjoy.
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