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Greetings From Orlando

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Just found this forum a few days ago, lots of great stuff and folks. I started riding in 1971 and bought my first H-D in 1982 complete with king/queen seat and sissy bar. Bought a new 2004 FXST while I was overseas. I've been home about a month and have all of 800 miles on it. Uncle Sam has really cut into my riding time.
A Happy New Year to all from the land of the Big Mouse.
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:welcome: Wil to the best MC site in cyberspace.
Lots of great information and interesting folks around here.
Ride safe.
Hi Wil,

Thanks to you and our uncle, my back is covered and I live in freedom.

Welcome to the forum of the VTF and the American dream.

I used to live in the Sunshine State from 78-85 in Daytona.

See you around the Boards. Enjoy the beer.

A big welcome to the forum,

It's a great site here, so hope you enjoy it!


Welcome to the VTF, Wil.

Without doubt you'll learn new things and meet great people who share a common passion.

Ride the wheels of that Softail, man!

Oh, Happy New Year to ya, also!

Welcome to the board!

Happy New Year!
Thanks to all for the kind welcome. It is so great to be home. I started the new year with a ride to the ocean, down Highway 1 and back home. A bike, a beer, and babes in bikinis in the winter, what could be better.
Welcome from another Orlando resident!
Hello from Nashville

A big hellow from Nashville. Hows the weather down in Orlando these days?
:welcome: to the forum. Lots of great info here. Post up often and enjoy.
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