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Hi All,
Been watching for a month or so and seems like a nice place to be, so here I am. First bike was a Yamaha YA-5 125cc at the tender age of 14 riding the back blocks in Southern Illinois where I was born and raised. Moved to Australia in 1986 for work and wife, started a family here and stayed on.

Back to that YA-5 125cc-- Started life as a rather heavy road bike, but as all my friends had the 80 and 100cc trail bikes at that time, I bobbed the fenders, fitted a larger rear sprocket and tried to run with them on the trails. That worked OK but was never a real trail bike by any means.

Years went by and so did the bikes; Honda CB750 which was from the late 70's and a CB400 in the late 90's-wish I still had the 750!

As of Dec 2000 I am the proud owner of a '96 FLSTN and a '96 FLHT bought in 2006 that the previous owner fitted with a tour pak and lower fairings so I guess it's a poor mans Ultra. I wrench on both of them and really don't think I will ever move to a Twin Cam-- at least not in this decade anyway.

Have fun all and safe riding, and thanks for reading.

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